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   The spiritual successor of Games Workshop's "Storm of Chaos" worldwide campaign, Animosity was created by players for players who wanted to carry on the Storm's unique, collaborative community experience. Today, more than ten years later, Animosity Campaigns stands as the premier Warhammer Fantasy Battle map-based campaign site on the internet. Since 2005, nearly 700 players have participated in 12 campaigns culminating in over 7,500 threads and 171,000 posts. We present our players with a balance of complex strategy and immersive roleplay, ensuring Animosity has something to offer any hobbyist. Furthermore, our players decide their own level of participation: while some enjoy simply reporting a battle each week, others have led epochs spanning several campaigns. By picking up where the Storm left off, our community has advanced the official GW narrative by four decades and fought in every corner of the Warhammer World, from Araby to Cathay and back to Estalia and Kislev. We sincerely hope you'll join us as we march, ever onward, into a world of fleeting glory and eternal war...


   When you sign up for your first Animosity campaign, you will enter a Warhammer World quite different from the one you've always known. What has changed is perhaps less important than how it's changed- through the combined effort of numerous players. We build our campaigns to be sandboxes: a player is free to do anything within the structure of that particular narrative. For example, during Animosity 4, a great migration of Ogres came down from the Mountains of Mourn into Cathay. Instead of rampaging across the countryside, the Ogre players struck a deal with a Cathayan provincial governor. This led them to lift the Chaos siege upon Cathay's capitol city and, ultimately, win the campaign. The Ogre "House of Storms" holds a place of honor within Cathay's otherwise xenophobic society to this day.

   This is just one instance among hundreds where player ingenuity has carried the story in unexpected directions. During an Animosity campaign, your actions quite literally shape the Warhammer World- and not necessarily in the way you intended. We do not script our endings: your story is entirely in your hands, and if you fall from grace, there's no safety net to catch you. It's this freedom, and the very real consequences that come with it, which keeps us coming back for more. Recently, our campaign team has begun reworking Animosity's voluminous history into an easy-to-read format, which we're calling the Animosity Universe- or Averse, for short. Any player, rookie or veteran, will be able to revisit past conquests and explore everything from the greatest battles to the most characterful moments. Now, as we move forward with this project, we intend to update the Averse after each campaign... meaning your character and your story could earn a place in Warhammer history.


   The time of Skaven prophecy, when the Under-Empire would rise to claim the surface world, has come and gone. As every civilized nation struggles to rebuild, their eyes fall upon the peninsula of Ind, which emerged from the "Ascension Wars" unscathed. Already, several diplomatic delegations have attempted to sway the Rajah of Dwarapur into welcoming foreign influence. Indan politics aside, a greater obstacle faces those who would exploit Ind: the Sea of Dread, a vast expanse of ocean stretching from the Southlands to the Gates of Caliph.

   This has become a time of great opportunity for any man with a ship and crew to call his own, as the great powers are eager to strengthen their influence here through any means. Lucrative contracts have been offered, and with them, a surge of piracy has engulfed the Indan Ocean. Desperate, merchants have begun paying errant men o' war for protection- quickly escalating simple plundering into pitched battles. There's a fortune to be made by any captain willing to sail upon the Sea of Dread... assuming he lives to spend it, of course.

   Vipers of the Sea is a map-based free-for-all nautical campaign where players captain a single ship with the intent of fulfilling contracts and exploring uncharted waters. A player can choose from three factions- Merchants, Pirates, and Privateers- each of which offers a unique playstyle, vessel upgrades, and challenges to overcome. You'll fight in bidding wars to win contracts, and do battle again at sea to protect your cargo- or plunder somebody else's. Our campaign engine is entirely automated, allowing you to participate without playing games of tabletop Warhammer. However, you can still submit battle reports, fluff, or even your painting and modeling projects to earn a reporting bonus.

Among the waves, it's kill or be killed... but, really, would we have it any other way?


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