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Everything changes, given time. Words and promises grow stale and crack, bonds that once seemed unbreakable fragment and the memory of men fades with the passage of years. Entrenched power is challenged by new growth, as nascent powers test their boundaries. Kings, Tyrants and Emperors rise and fall in a never-ending dance of words and swords. And beneath it all lies the constant, desperate struggle of the masses, lives furiously lived in the pale hopes of seeing a better tomorrow.

In the heart of Ind, in the ancient city of Dwarapur, a new day has finally dawned. Two tumultuous years have passed since the death of the old Rajah, and his son stands ready to drive the city to new heights of glory. A call has gone out to the great powers of Ind and the world, an entreaty for a new patron- and they have responded. From every corner of the globe come emissaries and missions, laden with wealth, religion and ambition.

From the lands of Sigmar and Cathay come servants of the two Emperors, men and women driven by the twin masters of faith and finance, seeking to gain dominance on the Indi subcontinent. Each is opposed by an all-too-near foe: the Imperials by the knights of Bretonnia, seeking to strengthen their own tenuous foothold, the Cathayans by Ogres venturing to tighten the economic stranglehold around the dragon's throat. But interest does not come only from without. From the dark places of Ind itself stir ancient and dangerous adversaries, powers more and less than human...

Step back far enough, and it all becomes meaningless, as empires and races blaze, flicker and die like candles. But here and now, as Dwarapur looks with hope and trepidation towards an uncertain future, nothing could be more important.

Animosity 6.6 starts next week!


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